I have a team of professionals working with me. Combined we have over 40 years experience working with at risk youth populations, addictions, as well as those who suffer from anxiety, depression and other disorders that hold back lives.

Holly's Blend of Good Medicine Life Coaching - Life Workup
Psychological Energy work is used to work through blocks that have held people back from fully enjoying their lives. In these series of sessions lifetimes of healing occur in each time. An ongoing encouragement program is utilized to speak to the client throughout the week to help them to focus on the issue they are currently working through. In this mash-up, every area of life is unfolded to discover real peace.
Good Medicine Individual Counseling Sessions
Allow an hour for yourself, the ultimate investment. Client-centered focus to allow space to look at their lives and make the necessary changes for happiness.
Good Medicine Group Counseling & Good Medicine DUI School
I love groups! Groups are a powerful~ Two are better than one. People in groups learn from each other in a sacred circle. They learn faster and with more power. Call 702-626-9400 for registration for Good Medicine DUI Class.
Good Medicine online DUI school
Equine Therapy