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Study to show thyself approved.

My approach to healing is teaching people to hear that still small voice and never doubt their knowing. When we can hear our souls truth we are less likely to be on the wrong road of life. Happiness is the key to living the good life, and their is no better life than living on your highest truth. It is my greatest honor to teach these truths...this way is called Good Medicine. 

My Secret Medicine

The name of my Counseling Practice is Good Medicine Ranch, LLC. I want a place where people can come away from the world and have their souls nurtured. Most of the time they have the answers in their heart, my job is to teach people how to hear their hearts and trust its guidance for a life well lived. When someone listens who cares, there is immediate healing.


 Psychology = Healing the Soul


 I use several approaches in counseling. I use traditional talk therapy, which is allowing people to talk, and hear their own life story. There is power in the spoken word. Many times people will heal once they share their life of pain and triumphs. Many times, this is the deep work that can be life-changing. I want to guide you through it. When someone is with you, the journey is easier. When someone listens who cares, there is healing as well.


I am also a life coach, this allows me to work with people throughout the world, not just the state I hold my license in. In coaching, we work on realizing life dreams. I hold clients accountable for having the life they say they want and living their highest truth.


My Specialties


  •  After Addiction: using a life do-over approach, visioning a new life no longer sabotaging and alienating your gifts.

  • Anxiety and Depression Wellness Pack: Learning to feel right includes the whole person, therefore we look at spiritual wellbeing, emotionality, and stillness of the mind, visualizations, exercise, and nutrition as a treatment plan for each individual.

  •  Goal Pushing: I hold people to their life goals and dreams by allowing space for them to dream big. Following hard after dreams can be complemented by using occasional oracle card reading, healing crystals, herb recommendations, color therapy, music, and yoga healing. I use lots of journaling assignments as well. A good example of my kind of homework is finding a greeting card that uplifts your spirit to keep when you are down, people watching to learn about the art of self-love, journaling life wish lists for inspiration. 


The Reason Behind Good Medicine


My great, great, great grandfather was the last Chief of the Pottawatomi’s, Abram Burnett (Nan-Wesh-Ma, He who Prays with Plants). I’m pretty great with plants I must admit. His first wife was, Darling Woman Good Medicine, (Da-Mush-Ka-Kea). I was struck by her name when I began researching my Indian ancestry. She died before ever bearing children, at a young age. The chief later remarried a German woman named Mary who feared neither man nor beast. The story seemed sad at such a loss of a legendary woman of beauty, power, advocacy and loyalty to her people. Albeit, I'm grateful to Mary, I wouldn’t be the German, Potawatomi I am without her. But I realize, I wouldn’t be the healer I am without the inspiration of Darling Woman Good Medicine.

  • B.A. (Bachelor Of Administration) • Bethany College • Scotts Valley, CA    

  • M.S. (Mental Health Counseling) • Walden University

  • Ph.D (Human & Social Services) • Current Doctoral Student • Walden University 

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