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The Good Medicine™ DUI School
A DUI School Providing Sobering Lessons for Safety & Self Growth

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Good Medicine™ DUI School's DUI Level 1 Course offers 8 hours of instruction. The duration of each session is 4 hours, which includes progress quizzes and a final examination. Whether you are interested in taking the course voluntarily, or you are mandated to be here by the court, this course is designed to make you a safer and better-informed driver, while also ensuring the safety of other drivers on the road.


This course is licensed by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles and meets all of the requirements therein.  If you have been arrested for a DUI, your attorney may advise you to take this course even if you have not yet been sentenced, to show the court that are you are being proactive and serious about changing your behavior behind the wheel.


It is your responsibility to ensure that this course meets the specific requirements put out to you by the court or your attorney.  The court may also require a date by which your course must be completed. It is again your responsibility to keep track of that deadline, as the court may charge a fee or issue a bench warrant should you not meet it.


A student enrolled in a course on the abuse of alcohol and controlled substances must (1) spend the required 8 hours on the online course, (2) complete all modules within the online course, (3) achieve a 100% on all course progress quizzes, and (4) achieve a 70% or better on the course Final Exam.  

Why Good Medicine DUI School?

Our approach to recovery post-DUI is holistic, addressing the roots of the problem, rather than just putting a bandaid on the problem. Our counselors and teachers are invested in your growth, and we expect the same from our participants.

Through its DUI Level 1 Course, the Good Medicine™ DUI School offers Nevada the opportunity to learn better ways to party responsibility, with an education about driving under the influence. That's under the influence of anything that impairs your driving, not just alcohol!  


Nevada has the highest numbers of fatal DUIs in the nation, and as residents, are all stakeholders in prevention and intervention. 

We highly recommend that all drivers preemptively take this driving course to help minimize higher insurance premiums and keeps our streets safe. 


If you have been arrested for DUI, and are genuinely looking for a path forward, then this course is a must!

What People Are Saying


I felt like the worst criminal when I got my DUI - I wanted to die rather than deal with all this…when I called Good Medicine DUI School, they called me back and they were professional. 

Once I got in the class, I wasn’t judged. I was taught the consequences of a DUI and the instructor told it like it was about drinking and driving. But it felt like talking to an old friend. She helped me work through the emotional aspect of the DUI. 

She told me that this is not something that should hold me back! She told me about the effects of alcohol mentally and physically. I learned things I never knew. I am feel relieved, I knew I didn’t wanna kill myself anymore and I really could move on. 

I learned a DUI isn’t too much to deal with, and it’s not something to take your life away. After completing the class I felt like I can finally breathe and move on with my life.

I've learned a lot throughout this course about the laws around DUI, and I'd recommend for everyone to check this course out. Good Medicine is filled with many kinds of people, and it's very educational. They will motivate you to do better and help you move forward with your life.

In this DUI Class, I like how I've gotten a lot of knowledge on the different effects that alcohol, marijuana and opioids can have on males and females. And the way the counselor explains everything in details and let me share was amazing! Thank you.



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